About Me

Well, hi there! I’m so glad you decided to stop by. Come on in and sit a spell. That’s how we say “Rest. Relax. Visit for a while,” here in the south. So grab a glass of iced tea, a cup of coffee, a latte, or your preferred beverage of choice.(Mine is hot chocolate topped with whipped cream or marshmallows–yum!)

Enjoy the thoughts and ramblings of my heart and mind and  dig into your own as I share my blog posts and devotions with you every Tuesday and Thursday. (Sometimes more.) Feel free to share any thoughts or insights you may have by leaving a comment. I do ask that all comments be respectful.

Since we are going to be visiting together, I suppose I should tell you a little about myself.

I sing at the top of my lungs. I dance in my car (and I don’t care if you’re watching). I still cry when Old Yeller dies. I sometimes stay in my pajamas all day. I don’t have a favorite anything. No, I really don’t. I dislike shoes. I  believe it’s never too cold for ice cream. I tend to be overly cautious. I’m a hugger. I’m overly sentimental. I miss performing in the theater. And you know that person who sometimes laughs so hard that they snort? Well, I squeak. I know…there’s always one weirdo in every crowd. And that weirdo would be me – Delaina Carter.

An aspiring novelist of Christian fiction and a writer of devotions, I currently reside in LA (Lower Alabama). I’m a counselor, nurse, chef, chauffeur, plumber, referee, personal assistant, secretary, janitor, teacher, finance manager, lifeguard, cheerleader, party planner, singer, art director, bodyguard…..wait……that could’ve been summed up with one word–MOM–to three wonderful children and a young grandmother of one energetic, nap fighting, bundle of giggles. I’m a sister, cousin, aunt, friend, but most importantly, I’m a daughter – of the KING – and that makes me a PRINCESS!

Enough about me. It’s you’re turn! Don’t be shy. You can post comments, or send me a message, question, or prayer request by clicking the “Contact Me” button above. I look forward to our next visit.

Don’t be a stranger. Come back any time! 🙂


“You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart.” ~ Jeremiah 29:13 (NIV)