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What Do You See?

Why do we have such a hard time looking people in the eye? Especially those who are “less fortunate” than we are. What are we afraid of? Their pain? Their hurt? Or maybe we are simply afraid that what we might see is a reflection of ourselves.

What do you see when you look at other people? I mean really look at people?

Do you see another beggar who should get off their rear-end and get a job? Do you see a widow who should get her own kids and grandchildren to help her rake the leaves? Do you see a drug addict or alcoholic who should love their family enough to just stop and get clean? Do you see a woman who lost her children in a custody battle because she’s disabled? Or a teen mom who should be in school instead of prostituting herself?

Do you see the sins they’ve committed and the problems they’ve caused? Do you see their ungrateful attitudes? Their mistakes and poor life choices? Do you see lost causes and those who are getting what they had coming to them? Do you see their circumstances?

Or do you see what Jesus sees? People. Just like you. Just like me. Someone’s mother. Friend. Father. Cousin. Sister. Daughter. Son. Every time He looks at us, every single one of us.

He sees all of us. Our sins. Our shortcomings. Our thoughts and our hearts.What does He see when He looks at you?

I pray He sees forgiveness, faith, kindness, hope, compassion and love. I pray He sees Himself in all of us.

Jesus’ love for us is so vast that I don’t think we could ever completely grasp the true capacity or measure of it. Even when we sin. He still loves us. Even if we feel unworthy of it. He still loves us. Even if we don’t want it. He still loves us.

I can think of no other time in a person’s life that they feel the least lovable than when they’ve hit rock bottom.  And for some reason that seems to be the time everyone who said they’d have their back bails on them. And they’re left with nothing and nobody. If you’ve ever been there, then you know exactly what I’m talking about.

So try to look at people with compassion. Look at them and see not only their circumstances, but the whole person.  Look at them with your heart and not just your mind. See them with the eyes of Jesus.

Imagine them as your parent, spouse, child, sibling, grandparent, or friend. Would you still casually overlook them? Would you still look away? Would you still say it’s someone else’s problem to deal with?

Jesus said whoever loves another has fulfilled the law.  We were all created in the image of God. That means we were created with the capacity for great compassion and love. It was not meant to be kept inside in a little bottle, only to be sampled on special occasions.

Share it. Love others. Every day. Every chance you get. Even if it’s only a kind word to the person who is invisible to all who pass by. You may be the only Jesus they ever see.